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Live action demonstrations are available at your facility.

Want to see ProfitTool live and in person from the comfort of your office desk? Our sales staff would be happy to arrange a remote demo. The only equipment required is a telephone and a computer with internet access. We'll walk you through the essentials of ProfitTool in as little as a half hour.

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ProfitTool is a fully featured financial management solution that puts you in charge of every aspect of your business. As you can see from this small sampling of screen shots, the graphic interfaces contain all the related information you need.

You have the ability to look at the big picture for forecasting and planning, or drill down to a fine granular level to individual sales, by product, salesperson, or client.

Product and Customer Inquiry allows access to historical data to plan future inventory levels and pricing based upon volume. Your pricing can vary based upon each customer's recent ordering or payment history.

The warehouse personnel will have specific administrative levels to input data based upon their individual security policy. You can track the movement of inventory from the truck, to the pick box, counter, shipping vendor, customer, and their returns.

Need to determine profitability on a single line of products? Want to track sales by region, size of customer, or by salesperson? Do you need to know precise ordering times for just-in-time-delivery of cruicial products? It's all available with ProfitTool's extensive product management and inquiry module.

ProfitTool Demo – Click on a link to watch a video of ProfitTool in action. Not all videos are active. We are adding new videos as soon as they are available. If a demo is not active, contact our sales department for a live, no obligation demonstation. Demos will open in a new window on your browser.

  • System Manager: The System Manager module controls, monitors and integrates the entire ProfitTool system. 
  • Sales Orders: Manages all phases of the customer order process from quote entry to invoicing and shipping. 
  • Purchase Order: Provides functions for effectively managing purchases.
  • Inventory: Provides exceptional control, and a clear picture of stock movements and valuation.
  • Inquiry Master A“Single Access Point” for authorized users to all of the customer and product information as well as the associated business transaction information.
  • Report Module:  A multi-threaded Reports Module acts as a “Single Reporting Point”.
  • Contact Manager:  Store all your contacts, schedules, and other vial information.
  • Manufacturing Work Orders: Provides additional functionality to the Bill of Material capability.
  • Message Master:  Adds bulk fax and e-mail capabilities.
  • Accounts Payable: Manages all vendor, invoice and disbursement information.
  •  Accounts Receivable: Manages all information relative to customer invoices and payments received.
  • General Ledger: Combines transaction detail from all accounting modules.
  • Bank Reconciliation: Reconcile all your bank statements with this easy to use module.
  • Advanced Financials: Extends the financial reporting capabilities of ProfitTool by adding drill down functionality for onscreen financial reports.


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